Face Detection

Tap the option 'Face Detection' in the ZBOS category to view the options for the face detection:

tap facerecognition
  1. Tap the option 'Open' to view or edit the registered people.

  2. Tap the option 'Settings' to configure the settings of the face detection.

  3. Tap the option 'Add to sidebar' to create a link in the sidebar.

Registering faces

Tap the option 'Open' to view the current registered faces or to add a new face to be recognised.

See the chapter Introduction for more information.

Setting scanning options

Tap the option 'Settings' to set the detection parameters for the face detection.

facerecognition settings
  1. Tap the icon times to close the modal

  2. Change any of the settings to apply them to the robot

  3. Tap the button Reset to default to restore the factory settings for these settings.


facerecognition generalsettings
  1. Select the strictness of the face detection match (low, medium or high)

  2. Set the number of attempts for the face recognition to be used

  3. Set the timeout for the face detection(1)

(1): If the timeout is set to '0', the face detection will continue indefinitely.