Managing compositions

Saving the composition

The composition can be saved in several locations, specifically:

  • In ZBOS Control (least safe, re-installing the app will cause the data to be lost)

  • On the connected robot (necessary to start the compositions from the kiosk)

  • In the cloud-based storage (if logged in)

To use the composition in a kiosk-dataset (or scheduler), the composition must be uploaded to the robot from ZBOS Control.

Saving the composition

Tap the save-button ( save ) in the tool-menu to save the composition on all available locations.

  • If the composition is saved for the first time, a valid name must be entered.

  • The composition will be saved to the cloud automatically if logged in to the cloud platform

  • The composition will be saved to the robot automatically if connected to a compatible robot.

Saving a copy of the composition

Tap the button save as ( saveas ) in the tool-menu to save the composition with a different filename (and reference):


A modal will be shown asking for the new name for the composition:

  1. Enter the new name for the composition

  2. Tap the button 'Accept' to save the new file

After saving the file with the new name, the new composition will be used for editing.

Saving multiple compositions to a robot

A special case can be made when connecting to a new robot, and multiple compositions need to be stored on the robot.

Tap the option 'Upload to robot' (md cloud upload) to display the list of locally stored compositions.

  1. Tap the option 'Select all' to select all the stored compositions

  2. Tap a composition to (un-)select it for upload

  3. Tap the button 'Save selected compositions' to upload the selected compositions to the robot.

  • Uploading compositions will overwrite the currently stored composition(s).

  • At least one composition needs to be selected before the button 'Save selected compositions' will be enabled.

  • If all compositions have been selected, the option 'Select all' will change to 'Unselect all'. Tap this new option to unselect all robots from the list and change the option back to 'Select all'.

Editing existing compositions

Do not use the option 'Save as' to store the composition using a different filename. This will create a local copy of the composition, and the linked kiosk or inactivity will not reflect the changes made to the composition.

Like the Save-option from before, the compositions can be opened from the following sources:

  • ZBOS Control (stored locally)

  • On the robot (download from the robot)

  • In the Cloud-account (if connected)

It is recommended to save the current composition before opening an existing composition.

Opening a composition

Tap the button 'List' ( openlocally ) in the tool-menu to open a modal showing the stored compositions.


Tap the tab for the location of the composition to show the list of stored compositions:


Tap the composition to open and tap the button 'Open composition' to load the selected composition:

The tab 'Local' will be selected by default.

Sharing compositions

Tap the button 'List' ( openlocally ) in the tool-menu to open the list of stored compositions:


Tap the button 'Share' ( md share ) next to a composition to display the options for sharing the composition:


Tap the button 'Copy' in the modal to copy the link to share:


The copied link can now be sent to the user (via e-mail or other messaging platforms). The recipient simply needs to click the link and log in to the cloud composer to view the same composition.

Tap the button times in the top-right corner of the modal to return to the list modal.

The shared composition can only be opened in the online cloud composer.

Deleting compositions

Tap the button List ( openlocally ) to open the list of compositions:


Tap the tab for the location of the composition to show the list of stored compositions:


Tap the button Delete ( md trash ) to remove the composition from ZBOS Control.

The tab 'Local' will be selected by default.

Backup and restore

The stored composition(s) can be stored on any device ZBOS Control (including Cloud Control) is connected to.

Exporting compositions

Tap the button Export ( export ) in the tool-menu to download a composition and optionally the images to the connected device (e.g. Android-tablet or iPhone).


The composition will be saved as a .scp file in the default download folder. For Android and iOS, the default location will be Downloads/ZBOS/Compositions. When using Cloud Control, the download location can be specified.

  • If the option Download the media files is checked in the export modal, the download time may be significantly increased based on the file size of the used media files.

  • To import the media-files on a different robot, see the Multimedia page in the manual for ZBOS Control.

Importing compositions

Tap the button Import ( import ) to display a modal asking for the composition(s) to be imported.

  1. Tap the button 'Select file' to select the file(s) to be imported

  2. Toggle the option 'Open imported composition' to open the selected composition after importing the composition

  3. Tap the button 'Close' or the icon to close the modal

Tap the button 'Select file' to open a file explorer to navigate to the stored .scp file(s):


Select the .scp file(s) to be imported and tap the button 'Open' to upload the file(s) to ZBOS Control:


Tap the button 'Import' to import the compositions to ZBOS Control:


The imported composition(s) will now be shown in the list:

  • Exported media-files need to be uploaded using the Multimedia-page.

  • The imported compositions will only be stored locally in ZBOS Control. To store the compositions on the robot, either open and save the composition, or use the option 'Upload to robot' if multiple compositions need to be uploaded.

  • The option 'Open imported composition' will only be available if a single composition is selected.