Tree view

Tap the icon paint brush in the title bar to view the tree view of the current kiosk:

  1. The list of items in the current kiosk is shown as a tree view

  2. A button is shown to add content to the main folder of the kiosk

  3. Controls are available for displaying or moving the items in the kiosk

Item list

list detail
  1. Tap and hold the icon arrows alt to drag the element to a new location in the tree (1)

  2. Tap the icon md folder or ios folder open to show or hide the content of folders.

  3. The title for the folder or item is shown

  4. Tap the icon ellipsis v to open the options for the item

(1): The dragged item might be moved to a higher tier in the tree when moving across folders

Item options

Tap the icon ellipsis v to view the options for the tree element:

folder options
  1. Tap the option 'Copy' to copy the folder (and the content) to the clipboard

  2. Tap the option 'Paste' to paste the content in the clipboard into the folder

  3. Tap the option 'Delete' to delete the folder (and its content) from the kiosk

  4. Tap the option 'Edit' to edit the item (see the chapter Editing an item for more information)

  5. Tap the option 'Add' to add a new item to the folder

The options listed above are only shown for folder entries. For normal tree elements, only the following options are available:

item options

Closing the tree view

Tap the icon md list to close the tree view: