Movement controls widget

The movement controls were designed to move the robot by remote control. These can be displayed as either digital or as analog controls.

  1. Toggle between digital and analog controls

  2. Move the robot using the controls

Toggling control types

Tap the icon logo game controller b green to switch between the digital and analog controls.

Analog Digital
If a map has been defined with walls, the robot won’t move past these walls.

Analog Controls

The analog control uses the same principle as a joystick-controller. Move the inner circle out of the center position to make the robot move. The further away from the center-point the inner circle is, the faster the robot will move.

To make the movement feel as natural as possible, the movement has been split into different control-areas.

  1. The robot will move forward in all directions

  2. The robot will move backwards in slight angles

  3. The robot will ONLY turn counterclockwise

  4. The robot will ONLY turn clockwise

Two ways are available to move the joystick, specifically:

  • Drag the middle circle in the direction the robot should move (forward and to the left for instance).

  • Tap (and hold) anywhere on the outer circle. This will place the inner circle in the tapped position.

Digital Controls

Tap + hold an icon to keep the robot moving in the specified direction.


Tap the stop button in the center of the control to stop the robot.

The controls are as seen from the robot. This implies that left will turn the robot counter-clockwise, while right will turn the robot clockwise.

Slide the control at the bottom to the left to slow the robot down and vice versa.