1. In accordance with the following conditions, ZoraBots will repair any demonstrable material and / or production defects free of charge if ZoraBots was informed has been this immediately after its adoption and within 24 months (12 months for professional or similar use) after delivery to the consumer. If the defect appears within 6 months of delivery, it is deemed to be a material or manufacturing fault.

  2. The warranty does not apply to fragile parts (e.g. glass, plastic, rubber), defects caused by careless use or insignificant deviations that are not relevant to the use of the appliance. Furthermore, the warranty does not include transport damage that has occurred outside the responsibility of ZoraBots, damage caused by natural wear and tear, improper use, poor maintenance, failure to observe the instructions for use or assembly or damage caused by changes or repairs by the consumer or third parties. The warranty will lapse as well as the warranty sticker at the bottom of Billy-Billy has been broken.

  3. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by:

    • A wrong electrical connection

    • Chemical and electrochemical effects of water

    • Abnormal environmental conditions in general

    • If the device is used for which it is not designed

    • Contact with aggressive substances

  4. The warranty presupposes a free repair, that is, by repairing the device or by replacing parts at the discretion of ZoraBots. Devices must be delivered to our customer service at the address of ZoraBots. Warranty performance can only be performed on presentation of the proof of purchase (with purchase and / or delivery date). Replaced parts and exchanged devices become the property of ZoraBots.

  5. If a repair proves to be economically irresponsible or impossible, ZoraBots reserves the right to offer an equivalent replacement device instead of repairing it.
    In the event of replacement of the device, account will be taken of the consumer’s use of the device since its delivery. This use is calculated on a flat rate basis for the price of the new device and that percentage is 2% per month of use.

  6. If there is no guarantee, the costs for repair and other rendered services (e.g. transport and inspection costs) will be invoiced to the consumer at the applicable rates.

  7. Performed guarantee repairs do not result in an extension of the warranty period, nor can they give rise to a new warranty period.

  8. More extensive or other claims - in particular regarding the repair of damage that occurred outside the device - are excluded from the guarantee insofar as the liability of Zorabots is not legally established.