The following terminology is used throughout this document:

Pot or Inner Pot or Flower Potlet

The flowerpot that can be inserted into the robot from the top.


Hardware designed specifically to collect data.

For example: Temperature Sensors measuring the current temperature.

Hotword, Wake Word or Wake-Word

The command used to have Billy-Billy listen to a command.

In this case: ‘Billy-Billy’.

Quiet Hours

During the ‘Quiet Hours’ Billy-Billy will remain silent, unless the user specifically asks a question

LED lights or LEDs

The lights in Billy-Billy’s cheeks.

Wired Connection

A network connection of Billy-Billy and the home router with an UTP cable.


Zorabots Operating System, the universal software platform that runs on all modern Zorabots robots.

ZBOS Control

A cross-platform application and website to control Billy-Billy (and other robots)

Local Control

A slimmed down version of ZBOS Control running locally on the robot, which can be used for accessing the robot quickly or performing maintenance.