Maintenance of Billy-Billy

The following precautions are applicable during the maintenance of Billy-Billy. Keep Billy-Billy disconnected from the power grid during maintenance.

Cleaning Agents and Dusting off

Like any flowerpot, Billy-Billy can be dusted normally. To remove stains, use a mild detergent (or a cleaning agent without alcohol).

To avoid damage, do not apply the cleaning agent directly onto Billy-Billy. The cleaning agent should be placed on a cloth or piece of paper before cleaning Billy-Billy.

Spilled Water


If some water spills while watering the plants, please clean these as soon as possible with a towel, or a piece of paper.

Keeping the Sensors Clear

To keep the sensors and microphone in a working condition, the openings in the cover of Billy- Billy must remain clear.

If dirt blocks the openings, clear them again carefully by using soft towels or cotton swabs.