It is highly recommended to set a PIN-code on the settings of the Kiosk to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the settings of the Kiosk.

To prevent any random person changing the settings of the robot, the settings for the kiosk can be locked (and unlocked) by setting a PIN-code.

ZoraBots is NOT responsible for keeping track of the PIN-code(s) of the robot. Make sure the PIN-code is securely stored and/or memorized.

Tap the option Security in the settings to display the Security-page.


On this page, the following actions are available:

(1):(ONLY if a PIN code has been set)

Create a PIN-code

Tap the option Change kiosk settings password to create a new PIN-code if there is none set.


Agree to the security disclaimer and tap the OK-button to continue with setting a PIN-code.

Use the following sequence to create the PIN-code for the kiosk:

  1. Enter the new PIN-code.

  2. Confirm the new PIN-code.

Alter the PIN-code

Tap the option Change kiosk settings password to change the current PIN-code.


Use the following sequence to change the PIN code for the kiosk:

  1. Enter the current PIN-code.

  2. Enter the new PIN-code.

  3. Confirm the new PIN-code.

Remove the PIN-code

Tap the option Remove settings password to remove the PIN-code.

This option will only be available if a PIN-code is set.

Lock/Unlock the settings

A PIN-code must be set before this option is available.

Tap the option Lock kiosk settings to toggle the locked state of the settings in the kiosk.


If this option is ON, the PIN-code must be entered before the settings can be opened. Otherwise, the settings can be altered without entering a PIN-code.