Tap the option Inactivity in the Settings-page to configure what the robot should do when/if the robot is idle.

The term Idle in this case means that the robot isn’t detecting any input on the touch-screen.
This feature is only available if the main kiosk is actively shown on the tablet. If other apps or a composition is running, this feature will not be available.

On this page, the user can:

Enable/Disable the inactivity

Tap the option Enable inactivity actions to toggle whether or not the robot should do something when no input has been detected a set period of time.

By default, this option is turned OFF.

Set the time until action is started

Tap the option Time until inactive to edit how long the robot should stay idle before the action will start. (From 1 - 60 minutes)


Scroll up or down to select a new value from the available options or tap and hold the timer-value to manually enter the number of minutes.

Tap Confirm to apply the new setting.

Set the wake-up options

Tap the option Wake robot with to configure when the robot will stop with the set inactivity-action.

  • Touch
    If set, the robot will stop the action is the touchscreen is tapped.

  • Face
    If set, the robot will stop the action if a human face is detected in the camera.

  • Speech
    If set, the robot will stop the action if the wake-word has been detected (1).

Tap Confirm to apply the new setting.

(1): If the option Spoken commands is enabled in the Advanced settings.

Configure the inactivity-action

To define an action, the following steps are required:

  • Select a type of action (e.g. Go to POI or start a composition)

  • Select the correct parameter (e.g. name of the POI / composition) (1)

(1): This option will only be shown if the action can be further configured. For example, the option Go to screensaver doesn’t have additional options.

Select the type of action

Tap the option What to do when inactive to show a list of available actions for the robot to take if it has been idle for the set period of time.


Tap the option Confirm to apply the setting.

List of inactivity-actions

By default, the first item available will be selected (e.g. the first composition or the first POI). Take care to change the content immediately after setting the action to the correct data.
Settings Required additional parameters

Go to screensaver


Play video

Video-file stored on the robot

Play music

Music-file stored on the robot

Start composition

Composition stored on the robot

Open website

URL of the website

Start application

Application installed on the robot

Go to POI

POI of the currently selected map

Select a parameter

After defining an action (e.g. Start composition), additional info may be required (e.g. which composition to start).


These options will be generated dynamically, based on the type of action that has been selected. Tap an option in the list (e.g. the composition or POI) to link it to the action.

The option Should composition keep repeating will only be shown if a composition has been selected. Tap this option to repeat the composition until a wake-up-action has been detected.

Stop item when robot is woken up

Toggle the option 'Stop item when robot is woken up' to stop the item immediately when the robot is woken up. Actions with an -button need to be tapped there to be stopped.

For example: Toggle this option 'ON' when playing a composition in infinite loop without the option 'Can be stopped' enabled.

Respect Quiet Hours

Toggle the option Respect quiet hours on to disable the inactivity during the quiet hours.